The Red Rhino Advantages

Fixing Plates
Thick steel plates with additional welds to help keep the frame structurally strong once it has been fitted.

Powder Coat Finish
Heavy-duty German powder coating technology ensures durable and longer surface protection as well as it is environmentally safe.

Honeycomb Core
Its lightweight, highly rigid and impact resistant material offers both thermal and acoustic benefits.

Security Bolts
When the door is closed, they protrude into the frame and provide additional protection against forced entry. In the unlikely event of the 3 stainless steel hinges being grinded off in an attack, the 10mm bolts will hold the door leaf in place, along with the 8 points of locking and the latch.

Security Lock System
Each door leaf is equipped with an advanced security cylinder and a multi-point locking mechanism with six bolts in the middle (4 round bolts sized 28.5mm and 2 hook bolts sized 19mm), two hook bolts towards the top and bottom as well as two security studs on the hinge side tightly fixed to the door frame meeting your higher demand for optimum safety.

Pull and Turn Thumbturn
Large thumbturn with flush ring pull handle provides easy operation from the inside. Spring latch will automatically extend or snaps into the strikeplate holding the door closed before deadbolt is turned.

Heavy Duty Hinges
Stainless steel door hinges with ball bearings offer smooth, quiet action and are more durable. They are also cleaner because you don’t get that black graphite dust all over door casings like standard hinges.

Hook Bolts
4 Crescent-shaped hook bolts provide anti-jemmy security making it difficult to prise the door leaf and frame apart.

The Heart of Your Hi-Security Door

Many people think a burglar would never be brazen enough to simply walk through the front door, but it is one of the most common entry points for thieves. Seasoned burglars will simply kick open the door or remove it from its hinges. About 40% of completed break-ins involve forced entry. Robust Red Rhino Hi-Security Doors and their advanced multi-point lock system are the ideal solution. At the heart of the system lies the unique next generation Hi-Security Cylinder with its “spring blade mechanism”. This Euro profile cylinder lock is virtually invulnerable to foil impressioning, picking, bump-keying, drilling and tampering.


A-B Key System
Provided with the doorset is a set of 8 keys, to be used with the Euro profile cylinder. 2 keys are ‘contractor keys’, and the remaining 6 keys are ‘master keys’ or normal keys . Once the master key is used, the lock has been set to reject the installer’s keys. The 2 contractor keys become useless, leaving the remaining 6 keys only capable of opening the lock.

  • If you subcontract your installation, then this can eliminate the chances of them coming back with a copied contractor key.
  • Alternatively, if you have a tenant in the building, you can give them the 2 ‘contractor keys’. If for any reason you’d like entry, and for the cylinder to be set to reject the tenant’s keys, you can use the master key to reset the lock immediately.

Door Swing Diagram

If the door opens inwards into the interior (towards the inside of the room) it is an inswing door. If it opens outwards from the room, it is considered an outswing door.

To determine if it is a right hand door or left hand door, stand in front of the door so it opens towards you. If the door handle is on the left then it is a LEFT HAND DOOR. If the handle is on the right, then it is a RIGHT HAND DOOR.





Powder Coated Finishes

Opal Blue

Rustic Green

Antique Red

Satin White