How Red Rhino Started

Thomas, one of the Co-Founders of Red Rhino, came home from a vacation and found his front door was broken into and almost all his family valuables gone. Thomas, a professional door installer (for a leading brand), realized that his door wasn’t that secure after all, and started “engineering his own Hi-Security Door” the very next day.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Fabian who travelled often, was always uneasy with the level of security at his apartment and started searching for a strong, secure door and found none that could make him sleep without worrying at night. He decided to research and look for solutions that prioritized security, intelligence and affordability and shared his search with Thomas and SS Ng, a mechanical engineer, and together they decided to “Engineer a More Innovative Safer, More Secure, Reliable and Affordable Hi-Security Door”. It took more than a year thereafter, to secure the funds and set up the manufacturing facility, and after relentless research and testing, Red Rhino was born.

We’re on a Mission

Hence, we are on a Mission to keep innovating better and better solutions, to safeguard (our own homes) as well as ensure your homes too, are totally resistant to the increasing number of break-ins. We understand your needs and concerns, because “we have been victims and are on that same quest too”. Hence, no one gives your safety more attention than we do. Because, frankly, we are the first users of the doors we sell!

So, rest assured, they definitely will be safer and more secure, offering that vital peace of mind, whether you are at home or out. Each and every Door that leaves our factory is thoroughly and rigorously tested, to ensure our clients enjoy today’s top technology, the highest quality and better overall value possible. Better still, you can enjoy the peace of mind that all Installers of Red Rhino are Certified only after undergoing our Comprehensive Training Course and have mastered our Thorough Procedures of Installation. All these are backed by Technical Product Knowledge, and Special Installation Tools and Materials, to ensure that each door is finely tuned with the interplay of door leaf, frame, fittings and seals for the most satisfying installation integrity.